REVIEW: The CSX – A New Take On EDC

Takedown of the CSX isn’t difficult, but not as easy as one would hope for a carry gun. There’s a pin associated with the take town lever that goes through the barrel lug. To disassemble, you’ll need a punch to remove the pin. Which seems painless until you’re at the range and realize you need to oil your firearm and don’t have a punch available, so be sure to keep one on hand. The slide needs to be pulled back to where it meets the take down lever pivot point where the first notch lines up. On the right side take down lever, the punch is used to pop out the take down lever on the left-hand side. 


To sum up the CSX, if you’re a fan of single-action pistols, the CSX gives you a refreshing new carry option. It’s especially desirable to left-hand shooters with full ambidextrous controls and a swappable mag release. Unlike many smaller pistols, it’s mild on recoil and easy to shoot for extended periods on the range. It’s also currently, the only single-action double-stack micro pistol on the market with a metal frame. In other words, it shoots like a larger competition gun, but gives you that capability in a compact carry gun.

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