REVIEW: IWI’s New EDC – the Masada Slim

The Masada Slim has a similar footprint in size and weight to the Sig Sauer P365, but unlike its competitor, MSRP is only $450, which means the gun shop down the street is going to be selling it for roughly $400. That’s a hell of a steal for this tiny package that’s optic ready, includes optic height sights, has one of the best OEM triggers on the market and shoots like a mid-sized handgun despite its micro-compact size.

Seeing the gun in photos simply doesn’t do the Masada Slim justice. It doesn’t look like a micro-compact, but as they say, the camera always adds ten pounds. Just looking at pictures, you’d think it’s not much smaller than a mid-size pistol. You really have to hold this gun to get a true feeling for its size and appreciate the ergonomics. As mentioned before, it’s comparable to the original Sig Sauer P365, with the Masada Slim being just a few ounces heavier and .3” longer in barrel length. The 3.4” barrel creates better muzzle velocity than shorter micros.

The ergonomics of the gun are ideal for a compact pistol. The polymer frame pistol is well balanced, and the design combination of the pistol, grip, and recoil spring make this micro-compact a pleasure to shoot, which is rare when it comes to smaller firearms. It doesn’t have interchangeable palmswells like its big brother, the full-size Masada, but the design places your hand closer to the bore axis for more efficient recoil management. The grip naturally curves into the pocket of your palmswell to provide a high and tight grip. Even individuals with larger hands will be able to grip the Slim comfortably and securely. The magazine is double stack, but bottlenecks into single stack towards the top of the magazine. This gun comes with two 13 round flush fit magazines or two ten round magazines if you live in a state with magazine restrictions.

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