Is Buying A Used Handgun Right For You?

Used handguns are often looked down upon by many seeking to make their next purchase, while truth be told, they might be the best option for the buyer looking for a weapon for personal use.

A lot of responsibility comes with firearm ownership and before purchasing you want to be sure a used firearm is working at an optimal level. When buying second hand, how can you confidently say that the item has not been previously damaged or flawed in any way? DCF Guns is Douglas County’s most trusted gun and ammunition center, and we are more than happy to answer all of these questions and more to help you feel more comfortable with the decision to buy a used handgun.

Buying a Used Handgun: What to Look For

As a buyer, it is important to establish exactly what you are looking for in your purchase, and when looking for a used handgun, it is no different. We can most easily divide used guns into three categories: mint condition, beater weapon, and a rebuild project. Figure out which is best for you, and convey your desires to the ones selling you the weapon as well.

When you have found a gun you would like to purchase, take the time to do some research. Google is your friend, so use it! Look up the make and model of the gun in question and read reviews. Does it have a solid reputation of durability, or is it manufactured overseas with parts known to break? This could help to raise some red flags and let you know what to look for when examining the gun.

Check to make sure all parts fit together tightly and that nothing rattles. If given the chance, disassemble the gun to take a closer look at the interior parts. If allowed, dry fire the gun a few times to get a feel for its functionality.

Lastly, ask about the seller a bit. Why did they decide to trade it in? How often was it used and how was it treated? Take the time to check for modifications, such as a new grip, trigger adjustments, or any other adjustments that might have been made to fit the previous owner’s needs.

When to Buy a Used Handgun

Now that you have examined the gun and had the time to test its functionality, you should have a clearer mind about buying used. Chances are it feels similar, if not the same, as a new weapon only with a more comfortable price tag.

Buying a used weapon can be a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. DCF Guns has become the top new and used handgun dealer in the Denver, Colorado area by making sure that they put the right tool in the hands of each customer. Give us a call today to determine if a used handgun is the right option for you.

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